Time and time again, we’ve heard from Cosmetic chemists, HI&I chemists, and entrepreneurs that a simple, responsive, and accurate formula costing calculator is missing from the industry, not any more! We’ve built Cost My Formula so that you can take the guess work out of developing a formula, so that you can utilize active ingredients at optimal levels in regards to formulary budgets, so that you can include ingredients you never thought possible because of per KG/LB costing, and ultimately, so that you can improve your formulas!

Cost My Formula clients manufacture CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) formulated products or manufacture/distribute/sell specialty ingredients to CPG formulators; either way, they all depend on their technical teams’ to develop and enhance formulations and keep costs at a level that assures profitable sales and satisfied customers.  Our clients’ formulas and specialty ingredients are at the heart of their technologies and the keys to their success.

The Cost My Formula calculator is the only platform exclusively dedicated to calculating in-bottle ingredient and total raw material costs by package size. This is everything you need to prepare in-bottle budgets.