Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: November 25, 2022

  1. How does Cost My Formula Pricing Work?

    • We are a SaaS subscription platform. Once you choose an annual plan you will have unlimited (24/7) access to the calculator where you can create and save formulary projects (these pages are private and only visible to you). The calculator will provide to you individual ingredient and total in-bottle raw material cost of your formulated product based on package size. That’s right, you can calculate final product costing by variable package sizes!
  2. Who has access to view the formula costings I create and save to my profile (“My Formulas” and “Create Formula”)?

    • Cost My Formula has taken exhaustive steps in the development of this platform to ensure your work is protected and secured. More information on how we secure your personal and work related information can be found in our Terms & Privacy section of the website.
  3. How does Cost My Formula compare to SAP/BatchMaster, Formulator Software, and other Recipe/Formulation costing software already available on the market?

    • The most important difference is that Cost My Formula isn’t offline software; instead, we’re an on-demand SaaS platform – accessing our service is much more simple. Second, our service is exclusively focused on calculating in-bottle raw material costs based on package size WITHOUT having to code in ingredients to a back-end software program – this makes your job much easier and faster. You can change package size on the fly to calculate different in-bottle raw material costs based on package size. Lastly, our customer’s tell us that our Cost-To-Value Ratio is MUCH better than competing services!
  4. What is SaaS?

    • SaaS (Software as a Service) means you don’t have to download, install, and run our program on your own data center or server. We’ve simplified and eliminated your need for hardware acquisition, programming costs, maintenance, as well as installation fees. Our intellectual property (“The Calculator”) is a secured technology hosted on our PCI/SSL encrypted and compliant servers so all you need is an internet connection to access and manage your work. You can access the service anywhere – no need for hardware or software installation – it’s on-demand service with an internet or data plan connection. You can save your data anytime, your data is 100% your property.
  5. What forms of Payment do you accept?

    • We utilize Stripe payment services to accept and process your monthly or annual renewing subscription via credit card. Stripe is a well known and trusted payment processing provider. They are certified as a PCI Level 1 Services provider which is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. We discuss more about PCI Certification Compliance and Protection within our Terms & Privacy section.
  6. We need to add more people to our team and need additional licenses, how can we do that?

    • If you’re currently subscribed to the Entrepreneur plan, and need more than 2 licenses/users, you will need to upgrade to the Organization Plan allowing you multi-user service (up to 5 users). The Organization plan cost/benefits really kicks in when you have 3 or more users who need access to the site.
  7. How secure is Cost My Formula and the data I enter and save?

    • The only person that has access to edit your costing projects is you and your team. We respect how important confidentiality is, we take protecting your information seriously. For more information on Privacy please visit our Terms & Privacy page.
  8. Do you offer Academic Pricing?

    • We do not for individual accounts. If you’re a large school or University, please contact us at explaining your need and we’ll do our best to work with you.
  9. Will I be charged sales tax?

    • No – the price you see is the total price you will be charged monthly. There is no additional taxes and fees associated with the service.
  10. Is there a downloadable and/or on-premise version of Cost My Formula?

    • Not at this time.
  11. The Create Formula page isn’t visible and/or not functioning properly?

    • Please make sure JavaScript is enabled on your device and web browser. If you’re still having issues, please reach out to us immediately at
  12. Can I upgrade services mid-membership?

    • Of course, the process is very simple. Click My Account, then click Subscriptions, scroll down if necessary and you’ll find a link to Change/Upgrade Subscription – click it and follow the next steps, that simple.
  13. When does my subscription renew?

    • Each plan we offer renews every month or once per year, based on the day you started your membership and includes a free 3-day trial period. Details on subscription renewal dates can be found in the My Account portal.
  14. Where can I locate my saved projects?

    • When subscribing to one of our plans you will gain access to a private page called My Formulas, here you will find your saved projects. If you’ve never created a project (via Create Formula), or it’s your first visit, you will see No Formulas Found. Please use the Create Formula link from the main menu to start your first project!
  15. How do I add another email address to my account?

    • If you need to change the email address associated with your account please do so from the My Account page. Here you have total access of your account information including current subscription services and payment methods. If you run into troubles doing this, please contact us at
  16. I have purchased a plan that allows for multi-user licenses, how can I add team members to the account?

    • Simple, write us an email ( with the First and Last name of the person(s) you wish to add along with their email addresses. We will set a default password for them and they can change this password the first time they log in. Be sure the email address you are emailing us from is the one associated with your account.
  17. I am locked out of my account.

    • If you need to reset your password, please do so from the My Account Page. If you’re noticing that you’re locked out for any other reason it is likely that your automatic subscription renewal ran into problems. The first step is to check and ensure the payment method on file has not expired – if you’re credit card has expired please make the needed changes from your My Account page or contact us at and we can help make the changes for you. If you’ve checked everything else, and you’re still locked out of your account, please contact us immediately for resolution.
  18. I need to cancel my subscription.

    • We hate to see you go, but you’re welcome to cancel your subscription at any time. You can cancel via the My Account page or by emailing us at and we’ll make the needed changes for you so you’re account is ended. We don’t offer prorated refunds if there is time left from your subscription plan but you are able to still use the service for the time left that would have been allocated to that month.
  19. I have a different question.

    • Write to us from the Contact Form page or email us at